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Nutella Price in Pakistan

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nutella price in pakistan


Buy Nutella Online in Pakistan

Those who have had a breakfast containing Nutella probably have never forgotten the feeling. The Nutella price in Pakistan for the chocolate spread represents the popularity of the product, which has registered a dramatic increase in demand every year. Across the ocean it is the top chocolate spread not only in the U.S. and Italy but also across the UK and in many other areas in Europe. Nutella is adored for its uniqueness in taste, which is drawn from the blending of hints of cocoa, skim milk and roasted hazelnuts. Of importance to every individual concerned about the addition of chemicals as preservatives and artificial colours is that Nutella lacks either and naturally endowed with great benefits and organic sweetness that makes any breakfast one of a kind.

 Great ingredients

Each 350g jar of Nutella is packed with hazelnuts, skimmed milk and some cocoa as the main ingredients. The skimmed milk powder in the chocolate spread is equal to about 200 millilitres of skimmed milk while every 350g jar of Nutella contains around 29.6 grams of cocoa. In addition, the chocolate spread is also fortified with other ingredients for their nutritional value such as vegetable oils.

Buy online in Pakistan

It’s now possible to buy Nutella online in Pakistan and have it delivered to you. You don’t have to wait forever to enjoy the awesome sweetness of Nutella while you can simply go online, make your order and have the chocolate spread delivered fast. Personalise the product as well if you want, whether it is a personal, business or corporate gift to a person you believe needs to enjoy a delicious breakfast anywhere in Pakistan. The beauty of buying online is that you do not have to waste much time or energy; everything is done for you.

Centuries of grandeur

Nutella is not exactly a 21st product but has been around for over 200 years. In 1806, the British were at loggerheads with Napoleon Bonaparte, who was hell-bent on stopping English commerce in the process controlling the world and winning the ongoing wars at the time. As a result there was a continental blockade and the price of chocolate went up in record time; Piedmont Chocolatiers were left counting losses. The Turin Chocolatiers were a little resourceful and deal with the shortage of chocolate by chopping hazelnuts and adding them to some hint of chocolate stretching the dwindling supply a little further. The resultant deliciousness was a rare treat.

A hundreds years or so later, Europe went to war in 1938 and supply of chocolate was affected and dwindled as the Nazi sought to try what Napoleon had tried a century earlier. At this time Pietro Ferrero, a pastry maker from Italy became creative and went for hazelnuts and saved the situation; he created a unique product in 1946 he called the Pasta Gianduja, renamed in 1964 as Nutella.

 A spread with a day of its own

Considering the popularity of the hazelnut spread has been increasing and to buy Nutella online in Pakistan is as easy as using your Smartphone or Tablet, the love of the chocolate spread has led to lots of interesting developments. In Italy, a duo of bloggers realised their adoration of Nutella was so strong that in 2007 they came up with a celebration day, globally celebrated and dedicated to the scrumptious substance.

As a result, February 5th has become a special day in the consumption of Nutella, where people share memories and recipes with the product at the centre of attention and creating images of foodies inspired by the hazelnut spread. At first, the manufacturers of the product wanted to stop the day but the founder of Nutella Day requested the manufacturers to take charge of it, which is the case to date.

buy nutella online in pakistan

Smearing delights

It’s hard to believe a breakfast can be great and one of a kind without a Nutella spread. Due to the popularity of the product in Italy, lots of sellers around the region started offering free Nutella smears for kids who arrived at the markets with a chunk of bread. Soon it became a popular occurrence called “Smearing” attracting lots of individuals and became one of the most successful marketing ideas for Nutella.

Interesting facts about Nutella

  • As Nutella continues its breakfast redefinition and perfection, lots of interesting facts about it exist. In 2013, the amount of the chocolate spread produced was calculated to be stretchy enough to circle planet Earth almost one and a half times. In the same year, a parked Nutella van in Germany lost five tonnes of the product worth over £13,600 to theft.
  • Globally, Nutella jar gets sold after 2.5 seconds. A tax increment was proposed in France on the main ingredient of Nutella, palm oil, sparking international fury in 2012. As a result, the amendment was christened “Nutella tax”.   
  • The first ever Pietro Ferrero’s Nutella, known by the time as pasta Gianduja, was in a solid rock form, It was easy to cut with a knife; spreadable versions came later and were referred to as the Supercrema.
  • Both the name Nutella and the earlier Gianduja have very interesting beginnings. The early hazelnut and chocolate spread derived its name from Gianduja, a commedia dell’arte of Italy shown as a Piedmont peasant with a smile on his face and a three-point kind of hat riding an ass around town holding a container or “duja”. As a result, the Gianduja masks have become famous and available for sale around the Italian region of Piedmont. In the earlier Nutella adverts, Gianduja’s face was plastered almost everywhere.
  • Nutella on the other hand refers to the name that replaced the older one in 1964 after the introduction of the product in the United Kingdom. The name is created from both Latin and English (nut-English and ella-sweet in Latin).
  • The amount of the product sold and consumed in over 75 countries annually can be spread across a thousands football fields. Buy Nutella in Pakistan online today and know why the world is obsessed with it. 

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